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The Trusted Choice for Wine Country Drivers in Sonoma County

If you’ve lived in Sonoma County all your life or are just finding this page due to planning an exciting vacation to our fair area, let the employees at A Wine Country Driver For You be the first to welcome you. We have a combined 20 years’ worth of experience providing tours to the fabulous wineries of Sonoma County and Napa Valley, and love nothing more than introducing visitors to the magic of California wineries.

A New Way to See Napa and Sonoma Wineries – At Your Own Pace

Traditionally, visitors looking to participate in their own Napa and Sonoma wine country tour had only a few options to get around. Their first option was to drive themselves, but this ended with one member of the party as the designated driver, so that not everyone could equally have a good time trying the delicious wines of California. After all, it’s not called a ‘wine tour’ for no reason!

The second option was to rent a limousine, which is expensive and showy. Limousine rental was much more costly than regular vehicle rental and if the wine tour was only for two guests, it felt a little wasteful.

The third option was to take a guided tour. With many strangers packed into a single vehicle and no way to control the schedule of departures, guests could feel rushed. This inflexible approach wasn’t ideal for many reasons.

The best way to see Sonoma County and Napa Valley wineries? It’s with your own itinerary and from the comfort of your own vehicle, driven by the experts at A Wine Country Driver For You. At our enterprise, we have over 19 years’ of combined experience providing Sonoma County visitors and residents access to the best Napa and Sonoma wine country tours—ones they design themselves! With minimal fuss and headache, flexible schedules, and the ease and convenience of being picked up and dropped off where you need to go, when you need to go there.

The Finest California Wines From the Finest Napa and Sonoma Wineries

California wine has been a staple of those in the know for decades. And our harvests keep producing quality drinkable wines year after year. From the buttery and creamy oaked Chardonnays of southern California to the steely Viogniers of northern Sonoma, whether you prefer crisp whites or full-bodied reds, we have wineries for you to experience. Book your own wine tour of Sonoma wineries with us and you’ll get to experience a food and wine vacation as you envision it.

The A Wine Country Driver For You Difference

We are a fully licensed company with permission to operate as a wine tours and wine tasting company in the state of California. Anyone may book with A Wine Country Driver For You as long as they are over 21 years of age.

The best part? You don’t even need to be able to drive to have fun and make lasting memories in wine country. You provide the wineries you’d like to visit or the particular vintages you’d like to try and we take care of all the rest. Give us a call and book your dream vacation today!