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Wine Tour Driver in Napa Valley & Sonoma County

The best way to enjoy all of the incredible wineries in Napa Valley & Sonoma County to the fullest is to make the necessary arrangements with a wine tour driver so that your group can arrive safe and in style without the designated driver holding the short end of the stick.

Not only can you taste wine to your heart’s content, securing a wine tour driver makes navigating the narrow and poorly marked roadways of Northern California’s wine country simpler than ever. Gone are the days of pulling over to find where wine makers and growers have chosen to perfect their craft and export it to the world.

Wine tasting in world renowned wine country should be stress-free. At A Wine Country Driver For You, we are committed to providing exceptional service that is both safe and conducive to a good time. Get in touch with us by calling (707) 484-6328 to make sure you have a wine tour driver reserved for your visit to beautiful Napa Valley & Sonoma County.

How Hiring a Wine Tour Driver Works

When you call (707) 484-6328, you will arrange a time and a location for where A Wine Country Driver For You’s licensed drivers will pick you up. We can drive your rental or personal car. We also offer the option of hiring our company car if you do not have a vehicle of your own at an extra cost.

We offer two tour packages:

• $45 per hour with a 6-hour minimum for 1 to 5 persons

• $50 per hour with a 6-hour minimum for 6 to 9 persons

Once we have gathered you and your group at the agreed upon time and location, one of our courteous and knowledgeable wine tour drivers will chauffeur you around the stunning countryside to the wineries of your choosing or suggested based on your particular tastes.

With a wine tour driver behind the wheel of your car, no one needs to feel left out. Not only are they free to sample some of the area’s finest wines, they can take in the picturesque scenery without ever compromising the group’s safety. Nothing ruins a vacation quite like getting arrested by the California Highway Patrol. And with no risk of getting lost with all of our knowledge of the area, getting a wine tour driver is the key to making sure you get the most out of your trip to Napa Valley & Sonoma County.

California law prohibits having open containers or drinking alcohol inside a motor vehicle and your safety is something we take incredibly seriously. As a result, we ask that you comply with these standard and reasonable safety regulations and just wait for the next winery.

Don’t fight over whose turn it is to be designated driver. Contacting A Wine Country Driver For You and reserving the services of our expert wine tour drivers is your first step to getting the most out of your wine country experience. If safety is your priority too, call (707) 484-6328.