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Why Choose Us? - A Wine Country Driver For You

Our drivers are licensed. Public Utilities Commission, State of California TCP 0036700-P

Starting at under $300 for a full day of chauffeured tasting in the comfort and privacy of your own car, your Wine Country tasting adventure begins the moment you contact us. Tell us your needs, tastes and special requests.

Your pleasure is our #1 priority.
Anyone anywhere who is planning to drink away from their home needs to have a plan for how to get back home without driving. We all know that! But when you’re planning a special day of wine tasting in Sonoma County or Napa Valley, you might not want to designate one of your friends to be the driver. It’s not just another night out.

Here are 6 reasons you will want to hire a professional this time, and why we think that professional should be A Wine Country Driver For You!

  1. No One Has to Miss Out on the Taste: Unless you happen to have a friend who loves your company but hates the taste of alcohol, you don’t have to cajole one of the members of the group to be the designated driver. “I’ll do it next time,” you promise, knowing full well that the next time everyone in your group has a free day for wine tasting could be ten years from now. Let them join the fun! Hire a driver.
  2. No One Has to Miss Out on the Scenery: Even if someone among your group of friends doesn’t care for wine, they might want to join you simply to enjoy cruising through the scenic vineyards and chatting. Enjoying the view is half the fun of a wine tasting tour.
  3. Safety: We almost didn’t list safety because we know you know. But please don’t even risk a designated driver from your group being tempted to taste “just this one.” It’s not worth it.
  4. Avoid Jail Time: You might think you’re still safe after “just this one,” but the CHP doesn’t!
  5. A Wine Country Driver For You wants your wine tasting day to be fun and relaxing for every member of your group.
  6. Most cellular networks are not available at some wineries that are in valleys, far out in the country or off the beaten path.

If you’re looking for the most knowledgeable designated driver in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, or Napa Valley, CONTACT US at or call (707) 755-0769 to book your driver today!