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Designated Driver Service in Napa Valley

Your visit to Napa Valley’s wine country should be enjoyable, memorable and safe. At A Wine Country Driver Just for You, we’ve been serving visitors to this beautiful region since 1995. Helping you to enjoy a tasting experience that is flexible and free of concern is our mission.

By hiring a designated driver service to tour through Napa Valley, you can explore more, taste more and relax more. Don’t endanger yourself and your touring companions by risking a tipsy drive, and don’t make anyone miss out by being your designated driver.

A Wine Country Driver Just for You is exactly that. A personal driver, just for you.

Professional Personal Drivers

Permitted by the Public Utilities Commission for the State of California, our friendly and experienced drivers have been providing Napa Valley locals and tourists with enjoyable wine country transportation services for over 22 years.

  1. There are a lot of great reasons to hire our designated driver services.
  2. Every member of your party can get in on every tasting instead of alternating sobriety.
  3. Relax more. Enjoy the scenery and focus on conversation instead of the road.
  4. Stay safe. You may feel safe after “just one”, but the highway patrol would not agree.

Going on a holiday to wine country shouldn’t end in jail time. Avoid the hassle and enjoy your holiday at its fullest potential.

Vehicle Options

The personal drivers at A Wine Country Driver Just for You are available to drive your personal vehicle, rental vehicle, or can provide a company car.

At competitive rates, we accept all forms of cash or credit card payment, pick you up at the location of your choice, and return you to the same spot.

Competitive Rates

Wine country transportation services should be worked into any Napa Valley holiday plans. Starting at $35/hour for one to five people, you will save money on getting to your destination, and have more to spend on the more exciting parts of the wine tour.

A Local Guide

At A Wine Country Driver Just for You, our designated drivers aren’t just skilled in driving. Seasoned drivers local to the Napa Valley, they have a love for people and a passion for wine country.

Perhaps one of the best benefits to having our team drive you around, is the local knowledge and stories you will hear during the ride. Get the true “local experience” when you ride with us.

Your Trip’s Greatest Asset

Top-rated on Trip Advisor, A Wine Country Driver Just for You, is your next Napa Valley wine tour’s greatest asset.

Stay safe, learn more than you expected about the region, enjoy the scenery and conversation without having to worry about keeping your eyes on the road and going in the right direction.

A trip to wine country should be an enjoyable experience, not one that lands you in trouble with the law.

Give us a call to incorporate our wine country transportation services into your next trip!